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Small Ruminant and Camelid

Flock/Herd Health

We offer flock/herd health as well as emergency services for sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. During your animal farm visit one of our veterinarians will help you establish or strengthen your farm's biosecurity protocols, perform fecal testing and work with you to develop a parasite control program, review nutrition, and discuss any specific issues you are experiencing. This visit establishes or maintains a valid veterinary client-patient relationship (VCPR) with our clinic and provides you with access to our doctors for phone consultations should health issues arise during the course of the year. We ask that our producers fill out the applicable questionnaire provided below prior to their initial farm visit, or if there have been major changes to the flock/herd. 

For those clients choosing to forego the annual farm visit and opt to not maintain a valid VCPR, we are still happy to assist you. Please phone the clinic to schedule a phone consultation to discuss your concerns with one of our doctors and for pricing information. Should you have an individual animal concern, we are happy to schedule you an appointment where the veterinarian can examine the animal and make recommendations based on their findings. 

Individual animal care includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Lambing/kidding issues, including cesarean sections
  • Eyelid tacks for entropion (inwardly rolled eyelids common in lambs)
  • Injuries, including casting of broken legs
  • Dental care and trimming of fighting teeth for llamas/alpacas
  • Castrations for all species, including llamas and alpacas
  • Digital radiography for lameness issues
  • Emergency services
  • Post mortem (necropsy) examination of deceased animals

Sheep Producer Questionnaire

Goat Producer Questionnaire


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