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Equine Dentistry

A Guide to Equine Dental Care: https://www.albertaanimalhealt...

Differences Between Equine Dental Practices: https://mackinnonequineservice...

Myths and Misconceptions About Comprehensive Equine Dentistry:

Old horse teeth or diseased teeth? Know the difference! Learn about equine odontoclasic tooth resorption and hypercementosis (EOTRH). https://foundationequineclinic...


Recommendation vaccinations across Canada based on province:

How often should I vaccinate my horse?

Vaccination guidelines:

Breeding and Foaling

Foaling and predicting foaling time:

Preparing for a safe and successful foal delivery:

Equine reproduction from conception to birth:

Three stages of labour in the mare:

The birth of a foal: what to look for and what we do:

Twinning in horses:

Navicular Syndrome

Navicular syndrome in horses:

What I wish owners knew about navicular syndrome:

A pain in the heels, a new look at navicular disease: https://practicalhorsemanmag.c...

Equine Laminitis (Founder)

Laminitis facts and research:

Laminitis prevention and treatment, American Association of Equine Practitioners:

Laminitis in horses, American College of Veterinary Surgeons:

Laminitis, UC Davis College of Vet Med:

How to support horses with acute or chronic laminitis:

Laminitis in horses, VCA Canada:


Colic in your horse, University of Minnesota:

Colic in horses, VCA:

Colic in horses, American College of Veterinary Surgeons:

Equine Colic - Resources for Horse Owners:

Dealing with equine colic: 33 do's and don'ts:

10 steps to managing your horse with colic: http://www.sconeequinehospital...

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