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Geriatric Care

Being old isn't a disease, but it does require some special considerations and extra care. We recommended wellness examinations and screening diagnostics (bloodwork, urinalysis, +/- radiographs) every 6-12 months to catch potential issues early. 

See the links below for some helpful info on geriatric pet care and specific diseases more common in our older pets:

Senior pet care FAQ's:


Take an arthritis quiz:

Cartrophen Injections:


Cataracts in dogs:

Chronic Kidney Disease / Renal Failure: 

Chronic kidney disease in cats:

Kidney failure: Where to begin:

Renal failure dietary therapy:

Cognitive Dysfunction (Dementia):

Recognizing canine cognitive dysfunction:

Management of dogs and cats with cognitive dysfunction: https://todaysveterinarypracti...

Senior pet cognitive dysfunction:

Congestive Heart Failure:

Congestive heart failure in dogs and cats:

Information on furosemide:

Information on pimobendan (Vetmedin):

Liver Disease:

Liver disease in dogs:

Nutrition for dogs with liver disease:

Is it time for euthanasia? Quality of life assessment tools:

How do I know when:

Quality of life at the end of life for your dog:

Cesar Millan quality of life scale:

Grey Muzzle Quality of Life App for iPhones and Android:

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